Experience Early Childhood Education at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School

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Our Curriculum

OLL preschool and preK programs are highly centered on play-based learning. We strive to teach skills by meeting your children where they are - cognitively, socially, culturally and physically. This is done in whole group, small group, and whenever possible, through individualized instruction.

Children completing our program will demonstrate understanding and competence in the following core areas as recommended by the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines and the Archdiocese of Omaha.

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Preschool and Prekindergarten Curriclum Outline - What We Teach

Social and emotional development

-Building self-concept through play
-Modeling self-control
-Practicing cooperation
-Enhancing social relationships
-Expanding knowledge of families and communities

Academic and Cognitive Development

-Strengthen initiative and curiosity
-Extend reasoning and problem solving skills

Did you know that 73% of students in an Consortium school early childhood program like ours assess at or above grade level, compared to 52% of students who do not attend one of our early childhood programs. Talk about academic value!

Health and Physical Development

-Strengthen fine (small) motor skills
-Reinforce gross (large) motor skills
-Improve health status and practices
-Encourage nutrition

Language and Literacy Development

-Listening and understanding: follows directions, listens to and response to feelings and ideas, retells stories, songs and poems
-Speaking and communicating: speaks clearly to understand, asks questions to clarify, imitates manners, uses eye contact, express language for various purposes
-Phonological Awareness: hears and understands varying sounds of language, listens to and tells differences in phonemes, recognizes connection between spoken and written word
-Print Awareness and Concepts: shows awareness of print as communication, follows print ona page (left to right, top to bottom)
-Identifies letters, numbers, name and more
-Early writing and alphabet knowledge: shows interest in writing (scribbles, draws shapes, writes pictures to represent thoughts); progresses in letter recognition and more


-Building number sense and awareness of number operations - aka counting, recognizing numeric symbols, telling more or less
-Explore geometry and spatial sense
-Practice patterns and work with measurement


-Scientific skills and methods like observation and collecting information
-Using sense, tools, technology, etc to build knowledge using investigation

Creative Arts

Music - singing, dancing, listening, chanting, etc
-Art - exploration, directed, techniques, creative expression, material manipulation to create representation
-Dramatic play


-Participate in formal and spontaneous prayers
-Make the sign of the cross
-Listen to and understand the stories of Jesus and God's love, including the Creation story and important figures in God's family
-Listen and participate in Bible story activities

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