"God is good, and he loves us. Mother Mary is with us, every step of the way."

Faith in Education, Education in Faith

Faith isn't just a part of our curriculum, it is the reason for our existence and the foundation for everything we do and say. Faith is integrated into all subjects. It is found on sports fields, taught through service projects, and realized with the caring adults that guide our students. Faith is core to our culture, and our staff is committed to growing students' faith by educating them on Catholic teachings and living according to the principles Jesus taught.

Catholic Identity

To grow and support our students' Catholic Identity, whether students are coming from a family that are practicing Catholics, or as students, they are learning about living a faith, we want to give our students the gift of understanding what it means and the grace that is found in being prayerful. We also want to produce and promote the gift of being a kind steward within our community. This is done by the kind words we use when speaking, the kind actions we have towards others, and looking for ways to be of help at school, in church, and for others.

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